Cabin Information & Rules

Prior To Your Arrival

Housekeeping is provided for a nominal cost of $185. When you arrive the Geiger Cabin will be clean. All of the beds will be made with clean sheets. All of the utilities will be turned on in advance. The cabin will be cleaned and laundry done after your departure.

Cabin Rules During Stay

There are a few things that we ask that you adhere to during your stay:

  • Don’t burn the cabin down- This was done already in 1959! Please-No smoking in cabin.
  • Don’t drink the water! It is fine for doing the dishes and showering.
  • The flu in the fireplace is open when handle is pushed all the way in. The door(s) of the fireplace should be kept closed when there is a fire in the fireplace. A blower comes on and shuts off automatically.
  • Ceiling fan switch is located on the wall to the right of the picture window.
  • The fan in the upstairs bedroom can be reversed to exhaust the warm air and pull the cool air in during the evening.
  • If you break something, fix it, replace it or inform the owner if it. Don’t leave it for someone to discover later! Not cool!
  • All trash and waste needs to be put in the trash cans to avoid rodents and critters from getting into it. Separating and recycling your trash is expected and always a good idea.
  • In the outhouse the lid of the “Destroylet” needs to be closed after each use!
  • Don’t put any personal hygiene items in the “Destroylet”! Toilet paper only. Guys are not permitted to do #1 in the outhouse.
  • God gave us a hose, water the great outdoors! It’s more fun anyway.
  • The electrical box is on the wall above the kitchen table. All switches should be facing the middle when in the “on” position.
  • Flashlight is on the table if needed.
  • Unnecessary lights should be turned off when not in use. When you leave for the evening the front porch light can be kept on until you arrive back home.
  • Don’t put grease or any non biodegradable chemicals down the kitchen sink! There isn’t a sewer system so be very environmentally conscious.
  • If you need them, you will find additional clean sheets, pillow cases and blankets in the drawers under the beds. Leave these at the Cabin at departure.
  • If you use the propane and/or charcoal grills try to replace what you use. Don’t leave an empty tank for the next guest.
  • If you drink the booze. Replace it with the same or better bottle. No cheap booze please.
  • If you make a fire in the outdoor fireplace, please use the garden hose to wet the area around the fireplace to minimize the risk of fire.
  • The shed shower/sink are located behind the main cabin. The water is free so indulge yourself in a long hot mountain shower.
  • Don’t throw anything in Clear Creek that didn’t come out of the creek!
  • There is a DVD player so bring some movies if you want.
  • Bring your IPod- there is a sound system in the living room.
  • If you break or damage something during your stay simply let us know what is broken so that it can be fixed or replaced before the next visitor arrives.
  • No discharging of Firearms in the Big Horn National Forest is permitted.
  • Leave the cabin a little better than you found it. We trust your discerning taste and creativity!

Cabin Rules Before You Leave

  • Leave the cabin at least as good as you found it.
  • Please close and lock all doors and windows.
  • Close curtains and wooden shutters. Secure wooden boards to lock.
  • Replenish firewood stored in the cabin from the pile in back of the cabin by the outhouse.
  • Clean the ash from the fireplace. Make certain that the coals have cooled before you use the brass bucket and shovel. Work gloves are located on top of the corner TV unit. Use these to lift the grate out to make cleaning easier.
  • Make certain the outhouse door is closed and the lid of the Destroylet down.
  • All trash and recyclables should be taken with you or hauled down to town to be disposed of.
  • Make certain no perishable food is left in the refrigerator.
  • Please turn off the ceiling fan and all lights.
  • Please collect all of the used sheets, bedding and dish towels and put them in a plastic bag for later pickup and cleaning. Hang wet dish towels up to dry before placing them in the bag. Leave these by the front cabin door.
  • Blankets should be put back into the storage drawers or plastic covers.
  • Double check for any personal items that you may have left behind.
  • Sign the guest book.