Cabin Information

Cabin Information & Rules

Prior To Your Arrival

Housekeeping is provided for a nominal cost of $185. When you arrive the Geiger Cabin will be clean.  All of the beds will be made with clean sheets. All of the utilities will be turned on in advance.  After your departure, the Geiger Cabin will be cleaned and soiled laundry washed and returned.

Mail the check to me and I will make certain that my caretaker gets paid.

Cabin Rules During Stay

There are a few things that we ask that you adhere to during your stay:

  • Don’t burn the cabin down- This was done already in 1959! Keep the fireplace door(s) closed at all times.
  • Don’t drink the water! It is fine for doing the dishes and showering.
  • The flue in the fireplace is open when handle is pushed all the way in. The door(s) of the fireplace should be kept closed when there is a fire in the fireplace.  A blower comes on once the coals reach a certain temperature and then shuts off automatically. The extra set of doors can replace the single door screen during the colder months. Ceiling fan switch is located on the wall to the right of the picture window.
  • The fan in the upstairs bedroom is to be placed in the window opening and can be reversed to exhaust the warm air and in the evening pull the cool air in. Remember to do this each day it will make the upstairs quarters much more comfortable.
  • If you break something, fix it, replace it or inform the owner if it. Don’t leave it for someone to discover later!  Not cool!
  • All trash and waste needs to be put in the trash cans to avoid rodents and critters from getting into it. Separating and recycling your trash is expected and always a good idea.
  • In the outhouse put a scoop of kitty litter in the bowl of the “Jiffy Poop” before you get started. There are only 15 about 15 flushes per cartridge, so women please don’t flush if all you did was #1.  That is the purpose of the kitty litter.  Leave it for the next contestant to flush after doing #2.
  • Don’t put any personal hygiene items in the “Jiffy Poop”! Toilet paper only. Ladies if you are going to do #1 add a scoop of kitty litter but don’t press the flush button. If your business equals 2 or greater you can flush.  Guys are not permitted to do #1 in the outhouse.  God gave us guys a hose, so go water the great outdoors!  It’s more fun anyway.
  • No smoking in the Geiger Cabin structures under any circumstances!
  • The electrical box is on the wall above the kitchen table. All switches should be facing the middle when in the “on” position.  Flashlight is on the table if needed.
  • Unnecessary lights should be turned off when not in use. When you leave for the evening the front porch light can be kept on until you arrive back home.
  • Don’t put grease or any non biodegradable chemicals down the kitchen sink! There isn’t a sewer system so be very environmentally conscious.
  • Additional clean sheets, pillow cases and blankets are in the drawers under the beds. Used bedding should be left at the Cabin at departure for cleaning.
  • If you use the propane and/or charcoal try to replace what you use. A spare tank is located in the pump house.  Don’t leave an empty tank for the next guest.  The outdoor fireplace serves as your charcoal grill. Close the window closest to the gas grill when grilling, it will keep the smoke out of the living room.  There is a smoker available for use and wood chips in the metal canister next to the back door.
  • If you drink the booze. Replace it with the same or better bottle.  No cheap stuff please.
  • If you plan to make a fire in the outdoor fireplace, please use the garden hose to soak the tree branches and ground surrounding the area around the fireplace in advance to minimize the risk of fire. Check to make certain that there aren’t fire bans or restrictions in place.
  • The shed shower/sink are located behind the main cabin.  The water is free and the hot water endless so indulge yourself in a long hot mountain shower.
  • Don’t throw anything in the North Fork of Clear Creek that didn’t come out of the creek!
  • The North Fork of Clear Creek running along the Geiger and Kirven Cabins is catch and release fishing only!
  • There is a flat screen and DVD player so bring some movies if you want.
  • Bring your IPod or favorite mix- there is a sound system in the living room.
  • Discharging of Firearms in the Big Horn National Forest is not permitted.
  • Leave the Geiger Cabin a little better than you found it. We trust your discerning taste and creativity!

Cabin Rules Before You Leave

  • Leave the cabin at least as good as you found it.
  • Please close and lock all doors and windows.
  • Replenish firewood stored inside the cabin and next to the front porch from the piles in the front or back of the cabin behind the shower house.
  • Clean the ash from the fireplace. Make certain that the coals have cooled before you use the brass bucket and shovel.  Work gloves are located on top of the corner TV unit.  Use these to lift the grate out to make cleaning easier.
  • Make certain the outhouse door is closed and the lid of the “Jiffy Poop” down.
  • All trash should be taken with you or hauled down to town to be disposed of. I usually find a dumpster in town or at a gas station to dump my trash. Recyclables can be dropped off at the recycle center just west of the Ace Hardware store in town.
  • Before you depart make certain no perishable food is left in the refrigerator.
  • Please turn off the ceiling fan and all lights.
  • Please collect all of the used sheets, bedding and dish towels and put them in the laundry basket for later pickup and cleaning. Hang wet dish towels up to dry before placing them in the basket.  Leave these inside the cabin by the front cabin door for pickup.
  • Blankets should be put back into the storage drawers or plastic covers
  • Double check for any personal items that you may have left behind.
  • Sign the guest book. Document your stay, memorialize and share your memories.

Ideas for Activites

  • South Fork Lodge has horse back riding. The lodge is located just up the road, south west of the Geiger Cabin just off of Highway 16. Phone: 307-267-2609 Do the 4 hour ride, you won’t regret it even if you’re a little sore!
  • Wyoming’s night skies are unbelievable! The Milky Way, the Space Station, planets, shooting stars and satellites can all be seen with the naked eye.  Take chairs up to the turnoff on the highway and enjoy!  Download the application “SkyView” on your iPad or smart phone it will enhance the experience and tell you what you are looking at.
  • Day hikes are always fun! Make certain that you fill out a registration form if you are going to enter a trail head in the National Forest.  Here is a brief list of some that you may want to consider.  Also consult the book “Hiking in the Big Horns” located in the table near the fireplace and the forest service maps:
    1. Climb up the back of the Kirven Cabin (1st cabin down stream). Take the trail up behind the Kirven Cabin near the outhouse. Go thru the barbed wire fence where the single Aspen tree is located on the other side of the fence. Remember this entry point!  Climb the full length of the saddleback, take the cut at the top to the left and over.  Drop down into to the Middle Fork of Clear Creek.  Pack a lunch and fish the Middle Fork of Clear Creek.  Remember the entry and exit point is the lone Aspen on the other side of the fence.  Watch out for cow pies!
    2. Sheard Lake Trail- enter Circle Park trail head
    3. Lost Twins- West Ten Sleep Trail Head- 6+ miles in. Awesome beauty and great fishing at the lakes.
    4. French Creek- Take French Creek road down to the cow camp and fish up or down stream. Upstream you may catch some big stocked fish that have come down from Paradise Guest Ranch.
    5. Seven Brothers- A bit of a day hike but well worth it. Plenty of fishing options.
    6. From the Geiger Cabin turn right back onto Highway16 past the Smokey the Bear sign to the Forest Service Rd on the left called Cull Watt Park Rd. just before the viewing turn off. Drive up this road about ¼ mile and park.  Then follow the road up it till it ends. You will see a sign that indicates no motorized vehicles. Go past this and then to your left to get on top of a rocky outcrop. Climb the northern side of the bluff it will be easy to get to the top.  Great morning views! This is major breeding grounds for Elk in the winter.
    7. Crazy Woman Canyon Road- Drive or mountain bike up or down the canyon road. Notice the difference in the rock compared to the rest of the Bighorns.
  • Bradford Brinton in Big Horn is a new and very interesting museum funded largely by Forest Mars.
  • Tensleep Canyon and Brewery- take 16 West to Tensleep and hit the brewery. Very cool brewery! This is a must…Return trip pick up Rt.436 out of town and take it to Rt.3(Hazelton Rd.)Take a left on Hazelton and back to Rt. 16 and on back to the Geiger Cabin.  The topography is amazing!
  • Big Horn Reservoir- Crow Indian Reservation in Montana. This is a must see/experience day trip. Pack a cooler, rent a boat and get ready for 81 miles of awesome water and beauty.  Can you say Grand Canyon?

  • Meadowlark Lake very good fishing! Take the road to the South end of the lake…fishing near the damn is very good.
  • North Platte River near Casper offers some awesome fishing.

  • Polo Fields- Sheridan What a back drop for a legendary sport!
  • An eagle’s nest is located on the West side Interstate 90 at mile marker 46.
  • Buffalo Golf Course- Golf anybody? Very challenging and scenic course.
  • Drive to Lake Desmet for a swim or fishing. Lake trout and Rainbows.
  • Shopping in Buffalo and Sheridan. There are some really great stores.
  • State Fish Hatchery near Story- Unbelievable- “If it smells like trout…”
  • Tie Hack Dam turn left off of Highway 16 south of the cabin- Good fishing!
  • Drive to Story for dinner at the Wagon Box. Site of a famous fight with the Indians
  • Battlefield of the Little Bighorn is off the interstate from Billings
  • Thursday evenings at the Occidental Hotel feature live music jam session in the bar.
  • Devil’s Tower is located near Gillette.” Close Encounters of the Third Kind”
  • Cody is a 3 hour drive from the Cabin. The Buffalo Bill Museum is requires a full day to appreciate.  It is well worth it!  Make the loop: Geiger Cabin Rt. 16 > Nowood (Hyattville)short cut > Cody > 14/14A >Sheridan > Buffalo > Geiger Cabin
  • Sheridan Inn- A must visit for lunch or dinner. A special piece of history!
  • Prairie dog hunting at the Kirven Ranch- They are cute little guys but remember Caddy Shack?
  • Mountain Biking- Sports Lure in downtown Buffalo rents mountain bikes by the day or week. I suggest that you rent bikes. Early morning rides are a great way to see wildlife.

Other Information

  • A cell phone signal can generally be obtained by walking down FS 369, the road you drove in on. Follow the road down a ways in the same direction as the flow of the creek and then up the hill to your left.
  • If you need to do laundry there are a couple of laundromats in Buffalo.


  • Breakfast:
    1. Main Street Diner- Big plates!
    2. Busy Bee- not as good as the original one but nice nonetheless.
    3. Java Moon in downtown Sheridan- trendy coffee shop
  • Lunch:
    1. Bread Board in Buffalo- Great subs.
    2. Dash Inn in Buffalo- Dash burger, potato wedges and Big Horn nachos are to die for
    3. Pie Zanos located in Buffalo. Great pizza and pasta! Owned by the former Purdue Coach Joe Tiller’s daughter, Renee.  Joe lived in town and passed away recently.
    4. Sage Café- cute little shop where the locals dine.
    5. The Pony in Sheridan- decent food, patio and atmosphere
    6. Cowboy Café in Sheridan
  • Dinner:
    1. Occidental Hotel- Great bison. Thursday night Blue Grass jam session- Don’t miss it!
    2. Bozeman Trail Inn- Located in Big Horn
    3. Bozeman Trail Steak House- Good food! I always get the burrito, what can I say.
    4. Sheridan Inn- take a step through history
    5. Tunnel Inn- In Story, the best burger in the Big Horns. My personal favorite!
    6. Winchester- in Buffalo
  • Other:
    1. Black Tooth Micro Brewery- In Sheridan. Has award winning craft beer.
    2. South Fork Lodge- Just up the road. Have dinner and cold beer close to home. Food quality is unpredictable but it is convenient.
    3. Mint Bar in Sheridan- Unbelievable photos! Order an ice cold PBR on tap.  We are all cowboys aren’t we?
    4. There are two breweries in Buffalo that are both worth patronizing.